Eat Out 2 Help Out – Jon Ryans Pubs
Jon Ryan’s Pubs are proud to support the organizations in our community by helping to raise money for them.

What is Eat Out 2 Help Out?

Eat Out 2 Help Out is a program managed by Jon Ryan’s Pubs which allows local organizations the opportunity to host a fundraiser night at one of our participating restaurants. This fundraiser is held at a specified date, time and Jon Ryan’s Pub location. Organizations are responsible for promoting the fundraiser with flyers. The restaurant manager will provide a template which will need to be approved prior to distribution. The organization will receive 15% of sales (excluding tax and gratuity) from the supporters dining at the restaurants. Supporters must present the voucher on the bottom of the flyers in order for the organizations to receive credit for the sale.

Download a Eat Out 2 Help Out Application Apply Online for an Eat Out 2 Help Out Event

What types of organizations are eligible to host a Eat Out 2 Help Out fundraiser?

Non-profit organizations, youth/high school sports leagues, school bands, school groups, dance teams/dance studios, charitable organizations and PTO/PTA.

NOTE: If your group is approved to host a fundraiser, prior to the event you will need to fill-out an Organization Set-Up form and provide a valid Tax ID# to have your check processed.

The following organizations are not eligible to host a Eat Out 2 Help Out fundraiser:

Political groups, religious groups/religious schools, sororities, fraternities and individuals seeking personal or corporate financial assistance

What days and times can Eat Out 2 Help Out fundraisers be held?

Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday between 5:00-8:00 PM. Thursday evenings are also available at the manager’s discretion. Additionally, if there is a specific date/time you would like to host your fundraiser that does not fall within the above guidelines – please speak with a manager directly. The Manager will try to accommodate your request if possible. Fundraiser date/time must be confirmed with restaurant manager.

Which Jon Ryan’s Pub locations are currently participating in Eat Out 2 Help Out?

All of our locations are participating.


  • 4 weeks prior to fundraiser– contact restaurant where you would like to host your fundraiser and return the completed application to that location. If approved, the restaurant manager will contact you to discuss and confirm the date/time.
  • 3 weeks prior to fundraiser– manager provides you with a customizable flyer to provide to your supporters. Distribute and email these to your supporters as soon as possible.
  • 1 week prior to fundraiser– contact the restaurant manager and provide estimated guest count.

What does Jon Ryan’s Pub provide?

  • A comfortable restaurant to get together with friends and supporters.
  • Fantastic servers that will make sure you and your supporters are treated well.
  • A menu that has something for everyone.
  • An electronic version (PDF format) of the flyer. It will be customized with your organization’s name and date/time/location of the fundraiser event. The PDF will be emailed to you and a hard copy can also be provided.

What does the organization provide?

  • Completed application, returned to the participating restaurant 4 weeks prior to fundraiser event.
  • Promotion of fundraiser by distributing flyers to supporters, friends and family.

What does the 15% donation amount include?

  • Sales of your supporters’ guest checks from Dine-In orders. .
  • Supporters MUST present the voucher on the bottom of the flyer on the specified date/time/location and when seated to receive credit for the sale:
  • Sales from the organization’s supporter guest checks will be totaled at the end of the fundraiser event. 15% of these sales will be mailed in the form of a check to the address you provided on the application within 30 days of your fundraiser.

NOTE: The 15% donation excludes tax and gratuity. Coupons, discounts and promotions including Kids Eat Free will not be accepted during the fundraiser.


The restaurant manager will email the organizational contact a PDF of the flyer promoting your fundraiser event. (2 flyers per each sheet, 8 ½ x 11 sheet)

  • The flyer will be customized with date, time and location of event.
  • The voucher your supporters must present the night of the fundraiser can easily be clipped off the bottom of the flyer.
  • Flyers cannot be distributed on Jon Ryan’s property including the parking lots. This must be communicated by the organization to those distributing the flyers.

Other Guidelines

  • Application submission does not guarantee fundraiser will be held. Manager must confirm the date/time of the fundraiser and sign-off on application.
  • There is no preferential seating for supporters of the organization’s fundraisers. All guests dining at the restaurant the evening the fundraiser will be seated on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Seating for large parties cannot be guaranteed.
  • Please speak directly to the restaurant manager in advance of the fundraiser event if you would like to host a raffle the evening of the fundraiser to raise additional funds in the restaurant. This is at the manager’s discretion and the raffle cannot interfere with the dining experience of the other guests.

Tips to planning a successful Eat Out 2 Help Out Fundraiser

  • PROMOTE! Be sure to tell all your supporters and friends about the fundraiser and provide everyone with a flyer.
  • Begin distributing the flyers 2-3 weeks before the fundraiser date to allow your supporters adequate time to plan. Emailing the flyers to your database contacts is a great way to spread the word about your fundraiser.
  • Encourage your supporters to also hand out flyers to their friends, at work or other meetings, etc.

We look forward to helping you raise money for your organization!